Bronze Goddess Nude Figurine On Marble Base

This example is fantasy statue in the form of a semi-nude classical looking female in a thin drape. Although made to look like a bronze this figurine is actually only made of a modern resin material that resembles bronze. It stands atop a marble type base. New copies and fantasy 'bronze' sculptures are frequently placed on marble plinths. Mounting them in this way serves two purposes. First, it makes it possible to hide any sign of its modern manufacturing or any telltale maker's marks that may be viewable inside the figurine itself, as well as indications that the item is perhaps not made of metal, at all. And second, a marble base can give necessary added weight to an item that otherwise would not weigh enough to allow it to be mistaken for a real bronze artwork.

The easiest way to tell a modern cast resin figurine from an old bronze is to look at areas on the piece where fine detail can be expected to be present on an original. Note the marked lack of detail in important areas on the item in this listing, such as the facial details and fingers. The coloration is muddy looking, and the surface shows obvious imperfections that were picked up during the hasty, cheap casting process used to make it. This decorative item does not have the hard, smooth 'glow' of a true bronze.

On the bottom edge of her drape it is marked "Aug Mo" to suggest the piece is by Auguste Moreau. But this is not a period piece that was ever personally touched by that artist, much less a 'sculpture' that was made 'by' him. Various companies today make and sell copies of works of art that are in the public domain, including those who specialize in selling 'authentic' reproductions. Some may simply add the name of an important artist, also, to decorative items that, while they may look like they could have been made by that artist, are not an original design they originally created.

Measures 9 1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000167

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