Hubley Harley Davidson Cast Iron Motorcycle & Side Car With Rider Toy

This example is a reproduction cast iron toy that was made in China in the late 1990's. How do we know this? This particular maker of contemporary 'nostalgic' reproduction toys is careful to clearly mark the items they make with their own name, the country of manufacture and the year made. Even so, somehow the toys they make will still often be found described as old, authentic 'vintage' Hubley toys from the 1930’s.

Even without the clear company markings (on the tires, for this particular toy) other aspects of this piece should also give it away as a modern piece. This item makes a good example for pointing out the look of false wipe-on 'patina.' See the brownish 'aged' looking areas on the tires? That is false age, coloration added at the factory to reduce the glare of the 'brand new' white color and mellow its appearance to the eye.

Search this shop for other examples of recent reproduction cast iron toys for additional characteristics to watch for that can help to identify modern manufacture.

This item measures just over 4 inches long and is approximately 2 1/3 inches wide, and 2 3/8 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000155

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