Antique Staffordshire Mayfayre Pottery Bowl

This item is a contemporary reproduction dish made specifically to resemble much older transferware. The shaped green-shaded edges of the bowl, center transfer decoration of a still life with apples, fruits and berries, gilt edging and the very obvious all-over glaze craze is designed to help the item resemble, and thus be mistaken for, antique dinnerware. But, of course, this dish is not an old treasure and it should not be identified as such by a knowledgeable seller. It is cannot honestly be identified as an 'antique' because the company that made it was not yet even in business 100 years ago. Only with the aide of H. G. Wells' Time Machine would it be possible to place an earthenware bowl not made until the late 20th or early 21st century into the household effects of a Victorian or Edwardian family.

The stamped mark shown includes the words, "Mayfayre Staffordshire England Pottery." Mayfayre is not the 'pattern name' as some may try to suggest. Mayfayre Pottery is a modern, family-run English company that began in business 32 years ago in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. The company was still in business at the time of this writing. Mayfayre Pottery made the item illustrated in this listing and the name of the pattern shown is "Orchard Harvest." A variety of items in the "Orchard Harvest" line, and other similar lines of decorative 'antique-look' dishes made by the company, can be readily purchased from vendors online - brand new - complete with crazed glaze.

This item measures 8 3/4 inches wide by 2 inches deep.

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