Antique Tapestry Bell Pull

This example is a reproduction tapestry bell pull. In the distant past an item like this could be pulled, causing a bell to ring in the kitchen or servant's quarters to alert a servant to the need for their attendance. While this colorful bell pull might indeed, "make a wonderful decorative addition to your home" new items such as this are easily attainable and are not examples a collector generally will want to add to their collection of antique textiles. So, items such as these should always be properly represented as to age.

Bell pulls of this type are still made today in countries such as Belgium, where a long history of making fine woven textiles has been enjoyed.

Antique and vintage items by their very nature will tend to show signs of normal wear, being items made for a purpose, and generally used for that purpose. However, it is also not that difficult to fake 'use' marks or to artificially 'age' a textile. One popular method of suggesting fabric age is to soak it for a time in tea, which can have the effect of changing bright white, new, fabric to a lovely ivory tone.

Today many retail companies specialize in supplying Victorian-style home restoration hardware, period-look interior items and decorative goods. Some of these items can be mistaken for authentic antique items if proper care is not given to examine them closely for signs and characteristics that are helpful for identifying age. If just beginning to collect and you don't yet know what these signs and characteristics might be, find a reliable dealer in antique fabrics and ask them to point you in the direction of research materials that will be helpful.

This piece is 45 inches long and 8 inches wide.

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