Noritake Sevre mark Child's or Doll Porcelain Tea Set

This example is a new fantasy miniature tea set. It is an example that helps illustrate what peril there can be in reading incorrect information posted on the Internet and automatically assuming the information found must be true. If you don't pursue research any further then some mention you might find on the Internet, the chance can be very good that you are going to be quoting bad information in your own listing. Keep in mind that on-line anyone can say/post anything they want and may do so specifically because they have a fake item to sell. Information not taken from a trustworthy source can and should be considered suspect if no corroborating research material can be found to back it up.

Keep in mind it can always be possible to find several different instances of the same incorrect information. This is because one seller copies another's incorrect statements and eventually someone else copies them. Soon many offer the same false and misleading information about a brand new item. All are wrong and will lead collectors astray by suggesting items bearing a particular mark are old, when they are not, and/or by a particular maker, who never made it. This turn of events can cause confusion and unfortunate purchases of over-priced, misconstrued merchandise.

All the pieces in this set are marked with a crown over an N bracketed by "A Sevre Decor." This is not a Noritake mark, it is not a Sevres mark. The mark is a spurious attempt at copying an authentic mark the Sevres factory used from the 1850's to the 1870's. Of course the fakers can't actually use Sevres in their rendition of the copied mark, so they add a misspelling of that name, instead. This allows a close enough approximation of the original mark to ensure some sales can be made by representing the items to be actual Sevres porcelain, made in France.

Any time you see an obvious misspelling of an important component in a maker's mark you should suspect the item may be a fraud. Sevre instead of Sevres, Limoge instead of Limoges, Prusia instead of Prussia, or Burslam instead of Burslem - each of these indicate either the company who made up the mark did not want to be hauled into court to explain their misappropriation of a registered trademark, or they were too inept or hasty to bother trying to get the spelling right.

This set is NOT any of these things, either: rare, hand-painted, or made in 1953.

"A Sevre Decor" is not the name of the pattern. The same wording is in the same mark regardless of on which miniature tea set design (or other type of item) it is placed. All items on which this mark appears are new and may even still be currently available from wholesale suppliers of antique reproductions and fakes.

The tea pot in the set is 4 1/2 inches tall; the tray 9 inches by 6 inches.

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