Vintage Cast Iron Indian Bank ~ Old Honesty

This fantasy example goes by the name of "Old Honesty" but should instead bear the name "New Dishonesty" if being portrayed by a seller as anything other than a brand new, modern item. These banks were being offered by reproduction merchants and as decorative items by gift type stores as recently as 2008 and they may still be available.

The surface of this item is rough and grainy, not smooth. Paint detail is poor and incorrect for the time it would supposedly have been made, if old. Grinding marks left by a modern power tool can be seen underneath the base, on the left edge in the image provided and the piece is held together with modern Phillip's head screws which lie under the paint one can assume to be 'original' to the piece. See the other cast iron bank listings in this shop for additional information on details and characteristics to look for that help to identify modern reproduction, fake and fantasy cast iron pieces, including banks.

This item is 13 1/2 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000127

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