Vintage R S Prussia Wash Basin and Pitcher Set

This example is of a ceramic pitcher and bowl set with a bogus 'RS Prussia in wreath mark. This and similar pitcher and bowl sets in the same colors are currently available from reproduction wholesale sources. Nearly exactly the same set design can be found marked with other false marks, too. See item ID #2007RP000115 listed in this shop for a comparable piece with the same body design, same type of sprayed on glaze, but a different flower decal and a 'maker's' mark of " "Ironstone England 1890." Items of this nature are being produced specifically to take advantage of the collector market.

Authentic 'RS Prussia' marked items were only manufactured by Reinhold Schlegelmilch (the R. S. in 'R. S. Prussia') factories in the pre-WWII Germanic area which was known as Prussia at that time. Reinhold Schlegelmilch R S Prussia items will always be made of porcelain. But the closeup image that shows the base of this item clearly illustrates that it has a crazed glaze. True hard porcelain items would only very rarely show crazing and it is not a characteristic of Reinhold Schlegelmilch items. This item is not made of porcelain but of a type of earthenware. Be sure to note how some of the craze lines pass underneath the mark. This identifies the mark as being over the glaze. Marks placed on true RS Prussia items are always under-glaze. Characteristics like a crazed glaze or an R S Prussia mark applied over the glaze can always be used to identify a modern fake.

The bowl measures 16 inches across and 5 inches high and the pitcher is 12 inches tall by 9 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000121

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