Sweet Antique German Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Bisque Doll Shoulder Head

This example is a modern reproduction of a German-made antique doll head. Specifically a shoulder head doll made by the Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Porcelain Factory. The doll head was created from a mold taken from an original ABG example, and from the blue eyes, to the pink blush on her cheeks to her wheat color hair, everything was produced by a modern doll artist.

The painting of the facial features, of course, is the absolute giveaway that this item is not an original. The style of application is not identical to what one would expect to find on an authentic head and colors used to paint the features are also wrong. This one has gray brows and eyelashes, for instance. To make further comparisons to an original head see examples of the authentic antique bisque heads produced by the Alt, Beck & Gottschalck company illustrated in "Identifying German Parian Dolls" by Mary Krombholz.

This head is not marked, but an antique Alt, Beck & Gottschalck head would be marked on the rear shoulderplate with an incised "974 // " and a size number.

Many antique dolls have been copied and some reproductions are very good. Markings one would expect to find being indeed present on a doll are not always the best indicator of authenticity, since if an authentic piece is used to make a mold incised marks that were present on it may also be copied. However, if a doll should be marked, but it is not. This characteristic is generally a very good indicator of a lack of originality and questions should be asked as to why an original maker's marks are not present.

This example measures 5 1/8 inches in height, 3 7/8 inches in width and 3 inches in depth.

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