National Cash Register Advertising Coca-Cola

This example is a fantasy item artfully created out of an early twentieth century cash register, some new reproduction brass signage, red paint and decals. The Coca-Cola advertising motif was added to give more 'pizzazz' and increase its saleability in our modern times. Unfortunately, in doing so, patina and the originality of the old cash register, which was collectible in its own right as an authentic early business machine, is now gone for good.

The Coca-Cola company never made a cash register and an authentic advertising piece like this would never have existed at the same time the old National was being manufactured. In addition, the age of the advertising motif is wrong for the age of the machine it decorates (the Sprite with bottle cap hat is from the 1940's).

Many different cash registers of differing eras often turn up with some sort of Coca-Cola advertising decoration applied. Regardless of the authentic age of whichever underlying machine may be used as the canvas supporting new brass adjuncts and advertising artwork, items like this generally tend to always look like new. Because they are new. While it might be useful for decorative purposes, these types of items should not be purchased with an eye toward investment value.

This item measures 16 inches by 10 inches at the base and it is 21 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000116

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