Large Ironstone England Pitcher 1890

This example is another of several types of fake pitchers often seen described as 'late 19th century' based on what appears to be the year of 1890 in the mark on the bottom. These may be described as made of 'stoneware' or 'ironstone' because the word, "Ironstone" is also used in the mark. But look closely because this item is neither old nor made of ironstone. The image showing the chalky surface of the unglazed, water permeable base illustrates that the pitcher is actually made of a simple ceramic type body which is light in weight and would easily be chipped or otherwise damaged. It is not the vitreous body one would actually find in a piece of high fired, stoneware. The mark as seen, "Ironstone England 1890" is not really intended to identify a maker so much as it is meant to encourage a novice buyer to mistakenly believe that date is the actual year it was made and that the piece has value based on age alone. Even if purchased for a nominal amount for what it is, a new fake with a spurious mark, in order to use for serving liquids at the table, the glazes of many imported fakes and reproduction items contain lead and never should in fact see table use.

This same mark is also found on differently decorated pitcher and bowl sets in different colored glazes currently available from reproduction wholesale sources. In addition, the same design of pitcher can be found marked with a false mark of 'RS Prussia' in wreath mark, as well. Additional examples of this specific item will be added over time in order for comparisons to be made.

This pitcher is 10½ inches tall and is 4½ inches in diameter at the base.

Item ID: 2007RP000115

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