Winchester Rifles Western Tin Sign - Horse and Rider

This example is a new reproduction tin sign made by copying an existing original classic Winchester advertising piece. Although these types of items are not initially sold to the public as old, but as new 'decorative' items, over time when the new appearance of the surface is less obvious tin signs tend to start appearing on the secondary market described as 'vintage,' which can suggest authenticity. They also are sometimes entirely misrepresented and said to be 'original' advertising pieces after the application of some artful aging techniques.

The quickest way to identify contemporary printed tin advertising signs as new is to examine for the method of printing used to produce them. If a modern photo reproduction printing process has been used to make an item the familiar honeycomb-like dots from which such a process creates images will be present and can be seen for certain when viewed under magnification. The dot pattern of the modern printing technique used to make this piece can be seen in the closeup images included in this listing. Generally the modern printing pattern of dots can be seen up close with the naked eye, but use a loupe or similar magnification tool to check a tin advertising sign for them if you are uncertain. Older methods of printing that were generally in use at the time original old advertising signs were made won't display a halftone dot pattern like modern prints.

Also, in the case of this particular sign, by looking closely at it another characteristics will become clear. And that is that all of the flaws that were present in the aged original being copied to make it were also reproduced. You see all the losses, spots of paint and stains. Any imperfection that was present on the old piece now shows as part of the image printed on the metal. At a distance, these 'character flaws consistent with age' are what can help to impart to this new item the same decorative appeal an old authentic sign has. But obviously the real thing would not have originally been printed with torn corners or with part of the advertising text missing. Only a fake or reproduction sign will show surface losses and damages printed as part of its design.

This reproduction sign is 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP000114

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