Ferdinand Preiss Art Deco Bronze Sculpture 'Con Brio'

This example is a new bronze reproduction of a Ferdinand Preiss-type costumed dancer in action much like those characters one might have seen performing in the Paris dance halls of the Art Deco era. The figure is posed on a black marble plinth and appears to bear the signature of 'F.Preiss' - but as you've probably already guessed, this is not a period piece ever personally touched by that artist, much less made 'by' him.

Ferdinand Preiss was a famous sculptor during the Art Deco era who like to sculpt figures of athletic young women in action poses. They were always beautiful, finely formed and bore distinctive, gracefully animated expressions. Quite rightly original Preiss works these days sell for many thousands of dollars. So, the first thing you should ask yourself when presented with an item such as this being sold at such a modest price is, how could someone (anyone) not be aware of the actual value of an authentic Preiss these days, with the advent of easy online keyword searches? Next, look at areas on the piece where fine detail can be expected to be present on an original. Look for patina (this example has none) and expect to find that resin or plastic has been used in elements of a design where Preiss originally employed ivory.

Many modern companies are reproducing Preiss designs (and attaching his name to designs that look like he could have made them, though he never did).

This example measures almost 21 inches tall, is 15 and 3/4 inches wide and 7 and 3/4 inches deep. It weighs almost 9 pounds, but other sizes no doubt can be found.

Item ID: 2007RP000111

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