Emaux De Louviere Pottery Box or Casket

This example is a new ceramic 'art pottery' fake being made new today yet styled after collectible pottery from the past. Experienced buyers have even been confused into thinking these types of items are older than they are, due mostly to the seemingly 'antique' forms they take and the multiple colors of the intricate enameled designs which allow them to closely resemble well-known decorative faience made in Longwy, France since the 1870's. The maker's mark on these new pieces, too, appears specifically intended to be easily confused and assumed to be a Longwy mark. It most closely resembles the circular marks with crown, holly and Cross of Lorraine motifs that were used by Longwy.

Heavy enamels in relief cover the visible surfaces on this piece. This type of motif added together with faux glaze crazing, 'bronze' metal mounts and fittings, and a maker's mark that also looks to perhaps be 'old' makes these pieces very convincing to the eye and they can be very troublesome. Pottery pieces bearing the 'Emaux De Louviere' mark seen in this listing are being offered for sale by a reproduction wholesale supplier in Belgium. The mark illustrated was not registered with WIPO by its owner until 2006 and was not a known maker's mark prior to that year. The meaning of this information, of course, is clear, as something cannot be older than the permanent maker's mark that was originally attached to it at its making. All items bearing the mark shown can be identified as less than 3 years old, as of today's date, based solely on the mark. Similar items are still being made and sold, so comparisons to them can be made on the maker's website, too.

For reference a link has been added in My Favorite Links to a French reference site showing all the many Longwy marks known to have been used down through its many years of production, including the circular marks mentioned. The page also offers a section illustrating marks being placed on new faience currently being made elsewhere that only mimics their art pottery. Note that Longwy marks often contain the wording, "Emaux de Longwy". The mark illustrated in this listing contains similar wording, "Emaux De Louviere" to complete its masquerade of the authentic Longwy mark. Also look for a link to the WIPO website which can be used to investigate other newer marks currently being placed on European-made items that only seem to be 'antique' in age, though they are contemporary.

This item measures approximately 5 and 1/2 inches long by 4 and 1.8 inches deep and 6 and 3/4 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000106

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