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Why is a PayPal Business account required to sell on Ruby Lane?

Ruby Lane uses a new PayPal platform. For Ruby Lane to simplify our receipt of the Sales Tax and Service Fee, it is first and foremost a requirement of PayPal, and in turn, a Ruby Lane requirement that you must have a PayPal Business account. Personal PayPal accounts do not work with marketplace payments, which requires sellers to have a PayPal Business account

By authorizing Ruby Lane, you are only authorizing the collection of the Sales Tax and Service Fee from PayPal payments buyers make for Ruby Lane orders. The Service Fee and Sales Tax are grouped together on your payment and termed by PayPal as Partner Commission.

Ruby Lane will not receive anything from the payment other than the Partner Commission mentioned above. Also, Ruby Lane will not have access to your PayPal account, and cannot issue refunds to buyers.   

Already have a PayPal Business account?
To grant Ruby Lane authorization:

  1. Sign In and visit your Shop Owner's Home or any shop owner page on Ruby Lane
  2. Read the alert and click Grant Ruby Lane Permission
  3. Log In or follow the Get Started prompts on PayPal
  4. Once you have successfully logged in to PayPal, review the short authorization notice
  5. Click Agree and connect

Note: PayPal indicates that Business accounts are designed to be set up by virtually anyone - from an individual using a SSN to a Corporation using an EIN. If you choose individual, your name will simply be placed in their 'business name' field and their SSN used for any tax purposes. Their signup process is streamlined with drop-down options so there should be no restrictions.

2021-04-27 1:05 pm
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