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Swap Existing AIP Primary Image OR Add AIP Image to Non-AIP'd Item

Swap Existing AIP Primary Image OR Add AIP Image to Non-AIP'd Item: VIDEO EXAMPLE

  1. Upload the image you want as your new Primary Image to your Image Gallery
  2. Submit the image to AIP by selecting the image (if not already selected), then click the AIP icon on the top-left menu, which will open the AIP options. 
  3. When AIP is completed (generally 24 hours or less), Review the image on your AIP: Advanced Image Processing page.  Note that the image must be approved before   
  4. Modify the item you want to swap the Primary Image.
  5. Attach the AIP'd image (from step 3 above) that will be your new Primary Image.
  6. Drag the new Primary image into the Primary spot (the new Primary image you attach will be in the last image spot)
  7. Drag the old Primary Image to the trashcan to delete it (optional)

NOTE: If your item has the maximum 15 images, you may need to download the last image from the item page, then delete it on Modify Item before you can swap the new AIP'd Primary into place.  Once the Primary is swapped, re-add the removed image.

Help ?: Image requirements and basic image help can be found by clicking on the top-left menu of Image Gallery or the image selector on Add Items.


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2019-09-19 4:46 am
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