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Tuesday 1/14/2020 - Missing Customer Correspondence

Customer correspondence may be missing from Purchase Orders and Offers. The data is still there, though it's not visible. The technical team is working on correcting the situation and the information will again be visible. 


Monday 1/13/2020 - Beware Scammer

Email follows format below

Hi, I couldnt find your email so I hope it's okay to message you
through here. My name is Edward Sherman & I am one of the
co-founders of Everythingeshop. I was looking at a few of your
products & really liked the whole collection you have listed on
Everythingeshop is interested in selling your products on our
marketplace. eShop is a marketplace where sellers like you can
list and sell your products to our Canadian & USA customers. We
would like to invite you to be a seller on everythingeshop.com

We can provide you with a free storefront & social media posts
about your products once approved as a seller.


Monday 12/16/19 - Home Image Edit Tool Now Working

The option to choose Home Images (the banner at the top of a shop's Homepage) from a shop's inventory is available again. 

Sunday 6/23/19 - Beware Scammer

Email follows format below

Hello, we run an online auction network using multiple auction
platforms, this is a great opportunity to increase your sales.
There is no charge to you and everyone benefits. Click the link
below to fill out the form.


Tuesday 5/28/19 - Safari Browser:  Image are smaller after upload to Image Gallery

If you are using Mac OS with Safari, and your images are smaller after uploading, the problem is your Safari browser.  The issue is elusive and difficult to track down. 

The only way to 100% correct this is to switch to a different browser, such as Chrome (chrome is the most used browser worldwide)Get Chrome Here.  

Friday 3/22/19 Scam Alert

We again want to call your attention to a new scam attempt. The scammers send an email to your shop account, which follows the format below.

Dear Shop Owner,

Still up for sale? please text my husband back to his phone#(555)555-1212


If you receive an email like this, we strongly suggest not texting or replying, and deleting the email. It's likely you will notice a red warning message, which indicates "Warning: Be advised that email address, email@gmail.com either does not want Ruby Lane to send them email, or we have blocked them from Ruby Lane. If this involves a purchase order or question to purchase, you should proceed with caution." If you receive an email similar to the above but don't see our message about the email having been blocked, please let us know.

2020-01-14 8:11 am
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