Terms of Sale (The Gilded Griffin)

Our Service Pledge

The Gilded Griffin proudly only sells items that are in exquisite condition. Most everything in stock is in vintage or antique mint condition unless otherwise noted. Items will not have moth damage...a problem which can prove disastrous to valuable collections. All items are carefully researched and documented.

All items sold through The Gilded Griffin are always authentic. The Gilded Griffin never sells reproductions.

All inventory items are in original, unaltered condition.

Return Policy

Ruby Lane and each of its independent shops want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To ensure your satisfaction and for the protection of both the buyer and shop owner, we have a Return Policy that each Ruby Lane shop owner honors. View Return Policy

Shipping/Handling/Insurance Policy

Buyer pays for actual shipping, handling and insurance.
All items are shipped only via the United States Post Office, by Priority Mail with tracking and delivery confirmation and with insurance.

Returns will be opened in front of a federal postal employee for verification of damage or identification of item. All returns are filmed by either video or still camera in front of a Federal Post Office employee. If there is a dispute...photographs and documentation will be presented to Paypal as well as US Postal authorities for verification. Paypal authorities will refund costs under these rules to The Gilded Griffin if dispute is not in any way the fault of The Gilded Griffin.

All items are typically shipped within 3 business days. Packaging is done with extreme care. Most items are wrapped in archival, 100% acid free tissues and enclosed within museum quality, 100% acid free archival storage bags for protection.

Restocking Fee

Please inquire about any concerns prior to purchase.

We will do all that we can to make your purchase experience pleasant. The Gilded Griffin is known for many years of honest, thorough and reputable sales, and is happy to assist you in any way to make certain that you are entirely pleased with your purchase!

**************We wish to apologize for sounding so stern about returns, but the items offered at The Gilded Griffin are usually fragile, often antique, and the condition is usually mint. We pride ourselves in offering such beautiful and often rare items...so yes, we are happy to spend any amount of time to work with you. Our goal is that you are absolutely certain that the item you are interested in is appropriate in every way for you prior to purchase! Therefore, here is the "small print" about returns...and thank you again for your most kind interest!

**************PLEASE NOTE: All vintage and antique items sold through The Gilded Griffin are sold first and foremost as collectibles. Items are not intended for general wear as clothing or accessories. Unfortunately, we have had a small handful of incidents over the years when people have purchased a rare hat in order to wear it to an event, only to return it after wearing it. Every time this has happened, sadly, the item was returned damaged. When this happens, either a conservationist was paid to restore it to its original condition but typically the item was no longer of the same quality for resale via The Gilded Griffin.

Returns are fully documented now because of these very few unfortunate situations. Disputes are immediately presented to Paypal with this documentation. To date, in these rare but unfortunate situations, payments are never refunded. The Gilded Griffin takes pride in an outstanding reputation with both Paypal and Amazon Payments.

Items are described with the foremost intent that these are being purchased for antique-vintage clothing and textile collections and used for study. Although most items are in such fine condition that they may be worn for a special occasion...it is accepted, with purchase, that the size is impossible to measure via internet on antique and vintage clothing and accessories.

NOTICE: All returned items are opened before Federal Post Office employees and are documented in writing as well as filmed to insure against fraud and as proof of purchase for PayPal policy requirements. There are no exceptions.

However, unless buyers have otherwise agreed in writing otherwise, and prior to purchase, The Gilded Griffin requires a 20% restocking fee. Sadly, this is due to fraudulent on-line returns from dishonest individuals. It is important to ask all questions about your concerns prior to purchase!

Therefore, upon purchase, the buyer has agreed to a 20% restocking fee for any return. The Gilded Griffin follows the Ruby Lane calendar requirements for returns. The Gilded Griffin does not reimburse any shipping costs nor Paypal or Amazon Payment fees involved with transactions whatsoever.

Returned items are only accepted if shipped via Priority Mail with insurance and delivery confirmation, or by registered mail. Returned parcels are only accepted if shipped via US Federal Post Office...again, only this is accepted manner of shipping or no refunds will be made.

If any of these standards (either set by The Gilded Griffin shop and/or within Ruby Lane) are not met, The Gilded Griffin will return the item by insured/delivery confirmed Priority Mail to the buyer and The Gilded Griffin will not compensate buyer for any costs involved.

The Gilded Griffin regrets these strict rules, but due to a rise in fraudulent claims and warnings to sellers, we must adhere to recommendations for safe commerce.

Once again, The Gilded Griffin sincerely requests that you make all arrangements prior to purchase regarding any concerns whatsoever. We will assist in any way that we can to make this a pleasant transaction. If you are unsure about a purchase...or if you are hoping to make a return for any reason...please verify this in writing with The Gilded Griffin.

Thank you very much!

Layaway Policy

This shop does not offer a layaway plan for purchases

Other Information

With apologies...it is unfortunate for many customers, but we are not offering layaway presently. Immediate payment by Paypal or Amazon Payments is required. We take multiple forms of payment through both Paypal and Amazon Payments companies at this time.

Thank you very much for your kind interest.

Payments we accept: