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July 14, 2010 - Thank You For Making Ruby Plaza So Successful:Only $9 A Month Through 2010

Ruby Plaza already has more than 600 shops and over 130,000 items in just over two months. We at Ruby Plaza want to thank our shops for joining us by offering a them a discount on their monthly fee during the months of August, September, October, November, and December. That means regardless of whether the shops is a Flagship, Portico, Galleria, or an Emporium shop, we are reducing the monthly fee to $9 a month through the end of 2010 (optional tools like Search Clicks and/or Featuring not included in the package are offered at a nominal charge)!

We want all our shops to know that we appreciate their efforts and patience while we work to move out of Beta-mode, build traffic to the site, and help them gain sales success. Building traffic to a new site as well as attracting new shops takes time – and this promotion is designed to help establish that momentum.

Again, we thank our shops for joining us!  

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